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LogLevel enum


export declare enum LogLevel 

Enumeration Members

Debug4Logs that are used for interactive investigation during development. These logs should primarily contain information useful for debugging and have no long-term value.
Error1Logs that highlight when the current flow of execution is stopped due to a failure. These should indicate a failure in the current activity, not an application-wide failure.
Info3Logs that track the general flow of the application. These logs should have long-term value.
Silent0This level is never logged to. It is useful as a "minimum log level" if you want to silence all logging.
Trace5Logs that contain the most detailed messages. These messages may contain sensitive application data. These messages are disabled by default and should never be enabled in a production environment.
Warning2Logs that highlight an abnormal or unexpected event in the application flow, but do not otherwise cause the application execution to stop.