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InputType enum


export declare enum InputType 

Enumeration Members


A request to bring the remote virtual gamepad with ID slot into the state described.

The "trigger" fields range from 0 (not pressed) to 255 (fully pressed).

The "thumb" fields range from -32768 (left/up) to 32767 (right/down).

Keyboard5A request to press or lift a remote keyboard key.
MouseAbsolute1A request to move the remote mouse to an absolute pixel coordinate on the streamed monitor.
MouseClick3A request to click a button on the remote mouse.
MouseRelative2A request to move the remote mouse by (dx, dy) pixels on the streamed monitor.
MouseScroll4A request to scroll the remote mouse.
PasteText6A request to paste some literal text into the remote.
PenAbsolute8A request to perform a pen movement at absolute coordinates on the remote screen.
SetClipboardText10A request to store some text in the remote clipboard.
TouchesAbsolute7A request to make some touches at absolute coordinates on the remote screen.

A request to resize the streamed application, because the local stream viewport size has changed.

Currently this request will be carried out in App Isolation, when one window is isolated. Otherwise it is ignored.