.NET SDK - Peer

Peer class

An object representing a connection to a remote Rainway peer.

public class Peer : IDisposable

Public Members

Connection { get; }The connection from which this peer was created.
DataChannels { get; }A map from channel ids (labels) to Data Channels opened between us and this peer.
ExternalId { get; }A string identifying this peer in your organization.
Id { get; }This peer's Rainway id.
OutboundStreams { get; }A map from Stream IDs to active streams associated with this peer.
State { get; }The peer's network connectivity state.
event CloseRaised when the connection is closed.
event DataChannelRaised when a data channel has been created.
event StateChangeRaised when the peers connection state has changed.
event StreamRequestRaised when the remote peer requests a stream.
CreateDataChannelAsync(…)Creates a data channel.
Dispose()Destroys the peer connection, including all sub resources.

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