.NET SDK - OutboundStream

OutboundStream class

An outbound stream from our device to another Peer on the Rainway Network.

public class OutboundStream : IDisposable

Public Members

Id { get; }The id for this outbound stream.
Peer { get; }The peer that owns this outbound stream.
Permissions { get; set; }Gets or sets the default permissions granted to peers within this outbound stream.
ProcessIds { get; }The process ids that this stream is limited to.
Type { get; }The type of this outbound stream.
event CloseRaised when the stream has been closed.
event InputRaised when an input (keyboard, mouse, gamepad...) is received from a remote device, before we've processed the input. Only input attempts enabled by the stream's InputLevel cause these events.
event PeerJoinRaised when a peer joins the stream.
event PeerLeaveRaised when a peer leaves the stream.
Dispose()Destroys the peer connection, including all sub resources.
GetPeerPermission(…)Retrieve the (optional) override permissions for a given peer. (2 methods)
SetPeerPermission(…)Set the (optional) override permissions for a given peer. (2 methods)

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