.NET SDK - XInputButtons

XInputButtons enumeration

A bitflag enum of gamepad buttons.

public enum XInputButtons


None0x0No buttons are being pressed.
DpadUp0x1"Up" on the directional pad.
DpadDown0x2"Down" on the directional pad.
DpadLeft0x4"Left" on the directional pad.
DpadRight0x8"Right" on the directional pad.
Start0x10The "start" button (rightmost center button).
Back0x20The "back" or "options" or "select" button (leftmost center button).
LeftStick0x40The "L3" thumbstick button.
RightStick0x80The "R3" thumbstick button.
LeftBumper0x100The left index-finger bumper button.
RightBumper0x200The right index-finger bumper button.
Guide0x400The "Guide" Xbox button.
A0x1000The A button (bottom face button).
B0x2000The B button (rightmost face button).
X0x4000The X button (leftmost face button).
Y0x8000The Y button (top face button).

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