Rainway.SDK assembly

Rainway.SDK namespace

public typedescription
enum ButtonActionAn action (down or up) on a mouse button.
class DataChannelA data channel from our device to another Peer on the Rainway Network.
enum DataChannelModeData channel reliability mode.
enum ErrorRainway SDK error codes
class InputBodyThe body of an input event.
[Flags] enum InputLevelInput level permissions granted. These are composable bitflags.
enum InputTagTag indicating the type of input.
enum KeyboardActionAn action (down or up) on a keyboard button.
class LogBodyThe body of a log.
enum LogLevelRainway SDK log levels
enum MouseButtonA button on the mouse. This is not a flags enum.
class OutboundStreamAn outbound stream from our device to another Peer on the Rainway Network.
class PeerAn object representing a connection to a remote Rainway peer.
enum PeerStateThe connectivity state of a peer
[Flags] enum PenFlagsFlags indicating the state of a pen input device.
[Flags] enum PenMaskFlags indicating which data is valid on a pen input.
class RainwayConnectionA connection to the Rainway network over which peer connection requests are transmitted.
static class RainwaySDKEntrypoint and native library facilities for the Rainway SDK.
enum RainwayVirtualKeyA virtual key. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/inputdev/virtual-key-codes
enum ResolutionStrategyDetermines how the display resolution is set at the start of the stream.
enum ScrollAxisAn axis scrolled on.
enum StreamTypeA type of stream
[Flags] enum XInputButtonsA bitflag enum of gamepad buttons.

Rainway.SDK.BYOFB namespace

public typedescription
class AudioMetadataMetadata describing an audio buffer.
class D3D11Texture2DTransparent type that represents a pointer to a D3D11Texture2D texture.
class FloatAudioBufferFloat audio buffer.
static class OutboundStreamExtensionsBYOFB extensions for OutboundStream.
class PCMAudioBufferPCM audio buffer.

Rainway.SDK.Events namespace

public typedescription
abstract class BaseEvent<TManaged>The base event type.
abstract class BaseRequestEvent<TAcceptedOptions,TAccepted>The base request event type.
class CloseEventAn event that occurs when something is closed.
class DataChannelEventAn event that occurs when a DataChannel is created.
delegate EventHandler<TEventArgs>A typed event handler, with no sender
delegate EventHandler<TSender,TEventArgs>A typed event handler
class InputEventAn event that occurs when input arrives for a given OutboundStream.
class LogEventAn event that occurs when the RainwaySDK logs data.
abstract class MessageEventAn event that occurs when a DataChannel gets a message.
class MessageEventRequestA MessageEvent that expects a response.
class MessageEventStandaloneA MessageEvent that does not expect a response.
class PeerJoinEventAn event that occurs when a Peer joins a OutboundStream.
class PeerLeaveEventAn event that occurs when a Peer leaves a OutboundStream.
class PeerRequestEventAn event that occurs when a remote peer requests to connect.
class PeerStateChangeEventAn event that occurs when a Peer changes PeerState.
class StreamRequestEventAn event that occurs when a remote peer requests an OutboundStream.

Rainway.SDK.Identifiers namespace

public typedescription
class DataChannelIdTransparent type that represents a data channel identifier. Equivalent to String.
class PeerIdTransparent type that represents a peer identifier. Equivalent to Int64.
class StreamIdTransparent type that represents a stream identifier. Equivalent to Byte.

Rainway.SDK.Interop namespace

public typedescription
class InvocationExceptionRaised when an FFI invocation fails.

Rainway.SDK.Options namespace

public typedescription
class ConnectOptionsOptions for connecting to the Rainway Network.
class DataChannelOptionsOptions for creating a data channel.
class OutboundStreamOptionsOptions for creating an outbound stream.
class PeerConnectOptionsOptions for connecting to a remote peer on the Rainway Network.
class PeerOptionsOptions for configuring a Peer.