Stream Types

Rainway supports three different ways of capturing stream media:

  1. Full Desktop, in which the whole display is captured and encoded into video. Audio is captured from Windows, too. This is useful for making "remote control" experiences.

  2. App Isolation, which is like Desktop Capture, but the stream is masked to only one application, which Rainway keeps on top of the desktop. (Audio is not isolated.) This is useful for making "kiosk"-like experiences.

  3. BYOFB, Bring Your Own Frame Buffer, in which the desktop is not captured, and you provide audio and video buffers straight to Rainway. This is useful for those who have source code access to the application they are streaming who want finer control over what media is streamed and/or to build high-density cloud deployments.


An example of a Full Desktop stream.


An example of an App Isolation stream. Only one app's windows are visible in the stream.