Rainway doesn't just stream audio and video: the stream is automatically interactive.

All you need to do is grant a client input permissions, and then they can use their mouse and keyboard, touchscreen (sent as mouse and keyboard inputs), pen (sent as mouse and keyboard inputs), or gamepad in the stream they're watching to control the application or desktop being streamed.

The input permissions are a bit field, each bit enabling a type of control the viewer has over the stream:

  • Gamepad: The viewer can use an Xbox-style game controller on the stream webpage to control a virtual gamepad device set up by Rainway on the remote device.
  • Mouse: The viewer can send mouse, pen, or touch inputs in the stream.
  • Keyboard: The viewer can send keypresses in the stream.
  • All: A combination of the above three input types.
  • Clipboard: The viewer can read and write text to the remote clipboard. This is not included in All as it may pose a security concern, and tends to cause a permission prompt on the web page.


If you need more fine-grained control over which inputs should be allowed, see Input Filtering.