Stream Resolution

Desktop resolution

By default, Rainway leaves the desktop resolution of the streamed desktop unchanged at the start of a stream.

You can change this behavior by setting ResolutionStrategy in OutboundStreamOptions.

  • LeaveUnchanged is the default behavior.
  • Constant tells Rainway to always set the desktop resolution to the values supplied in the ConstantDisplayWidth and ConstantDisplayHeight fields of OutboundStreamOptions.
  • FindBestFit tells Rainway to find a host desktop resolution that, by some "smart" metric, is the best fit for the client's screen.
    • The metric picks the resolution with the nearest vertical resolution to the client's screen, but resolutions with a closely matching aspect ratio "trump" mismatched ones.

After the end of the stream, the original desktop resolution is restored.

Video resolution

The selected display resolution is also used as the resolution of the video stream. So, the desktop is captured “1:1” and never scaled or letterboxed.

However, the <video> tag on the client side web page may appear scaled up or down by the page's CSS, browser zoom, screen DPI, or other such factors.

If the resolution of the desktop changes during the session, the video stream will automatically switch to the new resolution.