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IClientCapabilities interface

A client reports its capabilities to a peer.

The "supported" values indicate all configurations that will work for this client, but the "preferred" value will be chosen if possible (e.g. by a host in a 1:1 setting.)


export interface IClientCapabilities 


preferredAudioBitratenumberThe client's preferred audio bitrate.
preferredAudioChannelsAudioChannelsThe client's preferred audio channels setting.
preferredAudioConfigIAudioConfigThe client's preferred audio codec/container combination.
preferredFpsnumberThe client's preferred FPS.
preferredHeightnumberThe client's preferred stream height in pixels.
preferredVideoBitratenumberThe client's preferred video bitrate. The rate controller may move up and down from this initial value.
preferredVideoConfigIVideoConfigThe client's preferred video codec/container combination.
preferredWidthnumberThe client's preferred stream width in pixels.
supportedAudioChannelsArray<AudioChannels>List of supported audio channels settings.
supportedAudioConfigsArray<IAudioConfig>List of supported audio codec/container combinations.
supportedVideoConfigsArray<IVideoConfig>List of supported video codec/container combinations.
supportsAppIsolationbooleanWhether this client supports app isolated stream sessions.
supportsOver1080PbooleanWhether this client can handle >1080p video.
supportsTemporalScalingbooleanWhether this client supports temporalScaleFactor != 1.0.