.NET SDK - RainwayInput.Gamepad

RainwayInput.Gamepad constructor

A request to bring the virtual gamepad with ID slot into the state described.

public Gamepad(RainwayXInputButtons Buttons, byte LeftTrigger, byte RightTrigger, short LeftThumbX, 
    short LeftThumbY, short RightThumbX, short RightThumbY, byte Slot)
Buttonsbitmask of pressed buttons
LeftTriggerranges from 0 (not pressed) to 255 (fully pressed)
RightTriggerranges from 0 (not pressed) to 255 (fully pressed)
LeftThumbXranges from -32768 (left) to 32767 (right)>
LeftThumbYranges from -32768 (up) to 32767 (down)
RightThumbXranges from -32768 (left) to 32767 (right)
RightThumbYranges from -32768 (up) to 32767 (down)
Slotgamepad slot

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