.NET SDK - RainwayInput

RainwayInput record

An input event (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc).

public abstract record RainwayInput

Public Members

record GamepadA request to bring the virtual gamepad with ID slot into the state described.
record KeyboardInputA request to press or release a keyboard button.
record LogicalInputA request to paste text.
record MouseAbsoluteA request to move the mouse to an absolute pixel coordinate on the streamed monitor.
record MouseClickA request to click a button on the mouse.
record MouseRelativeA request to move the remote mouse by (dx, dy) pixels on the streamed monitor.
record MouseScrollA request to scroll the mouse.
record PenAbsoluteA request for pen input.
record SetClipboardTextA request to set the clipboard contents to some text.
record TouchAbsoluteA single touch on the screen.
record TouchesAbsoluteA request for multi-touch input.
record ViewportResizeA request to resize the isolated app.

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