.NET SDK - RainwayConfig

RainwayConfig class

Configuration for the Rainway SDK

public sealed class RainwayConfig

Public Members

RainwayConfig()The default constructor.
ApiKey { get; set; }The Rainway API key of your organization.
ExternalId { get; set; }An identifying string that your application can recognize and tie back to a user. (For example, a username.)
MaxPort { get; set; }The max host port to use (zero disables limiting the port)
MinPort { get; set; }The min host port to use (zero is default)
OnConnectionRequest { get; set; }Called when a connection request is recieved
OnPeerDataChannel { get; set; }Called when a peer requests to open a new data channel.
OnPeerError { get; set; }Called when an error concerning a peer occurs
OnPeerMessage { get; set; }Called when a message from a peer is received
OnPeerStateChange { get; set; }Called when a peer's connection state changes
OnRuntimeConnectionLost { get; set; }Called when connection is lost
OnStreamAnnouncement { get; set; }Called when a stream from a peer is announced
OnStreamRequest { get; set; }Called when a stream from a peer is requested
OnStreamStop { get; set; }Called when a stream from a peer is stopped

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